Just wanted to thank you for the all help you gave me with my gymnastics this year. I’ve officially retired but achieved my goal of winning Level 10 Nationals in September!!!!!! I also got New Zealand Levels gymnast of the year so that was an added bonus! Can’t thank you enough 🙂



I went to see Diane for my lack of sleeping and self confidence in July 2014.   After my second visit while driving home I had to adjust my rear view mirror higher as I was sitting taller. I found I was walking taller and sleeping better too.

After my time with Diane I had to fight for my job, before my visits there was no way I would of been able to do that.

With her help in restoring my confidence I was able to go into the meeting with the head of my company and put my points across clearly. As an out come of this I have now got the job I have worked so hard to get. I could not have gotten this far without the confidence Diane helped me find.
Thank you so very much



1. Thank you so much for our natural childbirth sessions . I learned so much that helped me to be relaxed and in control when I had our precious baby. I certainly recommend other pregnant ladies  have you help them learn about their body and techniques that can help make the birth so much easier for the mother and baby, and father too .

2. I had my beautiful baby girl yesterday 6 pound 12, she was one day over her due date and I had a very quick birth. Just 2 hours and we managed to leave the hospital as soon as we were able to. Baby’s fine and I’m all good apart from some bruising. Thank you for all your help.


I meant to email you ages ago to let you know that our twins arrived safely on 14 April. Can’t believe they’re 9 weeks already. I came and saw you for a childbirth session and just wanted to let you know how helpful it was. The session really helped me trust my body again after getting a little ‘freaked out’ by hospital staff and all their risk management. I declined the highly recommended prophylactic epidural and turns out I was
right to do so: Emma and Madita came naturally and 100% drug-free one day before hospital had scheduled their induction at 37.5 weeks. They were healthy from the get-go and I am so glad I saw you beforehand because it helped me stick to my views and wishes for a natural birth.



My visits with Diane have been ongoing. These visits arise when I am undecided (ie I needed to choose a career path open to me,) when I am uncertain (ie I need to be extremely clear thinking for an oral exam), or when I want extra help solving physical and emotional problems.

Diane has helped me to find a permanent solution to every problem I have presented her with. She is extremely focused, perceptive, and skilled in her facilitation. She is warm and caring, thoughtful and respectful, always taking her cue from how I am at the present and how I want to be.

I am particularly impressed with the skilled manner in which she matches technique to me and my current needs rather than having me fit into a fixed predetermined programme. My personal successes with Diane have been many, the most tangible being the completion of a PhD in neuroscience.


When I met and worked with Diane for the first time I realized I was not alone in how I felt, and I had hope I could release all the frustrations and anger I had lived with for a long time.

After my first session my mother and I were amazed at the difference in me. I was calmer, we could talk, the up-tightness lessened and there was a feeling of hope.

Before I met Diane I felt I was a failure, my life was a series of never ending obstacles, which became more stressful when I entered the workforce.

The main problem was that I was a slow learner and not able to keep pace in a modern world. The last 10 years had built up inside me and I had continual outbursts in anger at the slightest provocation. I had hatred of the past and anyone who had hurt or criticized me, warranted or not, dominated me. I wanted to change but I didn’t know where or whom to turn.

There has been a huge change since I met Diane. If I do loose occasional control I get over it much quicker. My sleep pattern is improving. I am much calmer . I know it will take time and effort on my part. I will gain confidence and determination to concentrate on my studies and become the person I like. This gives me hope of the future knowing I will get a job I can be happy in.


I hope you remember me … I came and saw you around about this time last year with my friend.

Things have been pretty great since I came and saw you. My “out of control appetite” is now completely under control and I am now practicing an “eat everything in moderation” plan which seems to be working much better for me than any diet. I can now take or leave any type of food. I still am able to enjoy my food and am now in control of my intake.

I have started at Curves Womens Gym and have so far dropped from a size 24 down to an 18/20. I am really happy about this!! Another reason for joining the gym and losing a bit of weight is because J and I decided to get married next year. So on Sunday 31 May 2009 J and I will become husband and wife (sounds old fashioned doesn’t it!) . The decision to marry caught a lot of people out, but we decided to do it now as my father is turning 90 years of age next year and we didn’t want him to miss out on the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle. But anyway, things are fab currently and the planning of the wedding is trundling along nicely.


LECTURER – Residential Care Association
You were a real favourite with our group when you came to speak with us recently. We learned so much about the mind and how this affects our everyday living. If you can come again soon and speak with us again, we would appreciate that very much.

Thought I’d just write to thank you for all your help!

I came to see you three times in March regiving up smoking and weight loss. Am back in UK now and since my sessions I have been absolutely amazed how you have helped me overcome my smoking habit. Not only have I stopped but I have zero cravings and I cannot tell you how many times I tried giving up in the past – just to then give into cravings! It feels as though I have given up smoking without any of the stress or commitment needed to do it on my own – you’ve fast tracked me to being a 100% no smoker!

Not only did you help me quit but you provided me with the self-belief that I am in fact worth looking after! I am effortlessly much more careful about what I eat and have so far lost 4kgs since I saw you, and I have almost stopped drinking all together when I was once a heavy drinker which used to get me into all sorts of trouble! All these things have happened because my self worth has been boosted and I am sure it is due to your input.

Back in the UK now and I have signed up to do an introduction course into NPL and Hypnosis as I would like to learn more as I feel it can help me further develop many aspects of my life – there are still certain areas that need improving – but with your help I feel I have come on leaps and bounds.


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Janet is doing really well. Friday and Saturday nights she had a wee wet patch in her bed, but otherwise every night has been dry! Its hard to believe that after so many years she is finally dry! We have used bed wetting alarms, and seen many professionals , and now at 11, she is finally dry for the first time in her life. Thank you so much it means so much to us at home.


Susan had lost her confidence with sports since moving to another school and coach. Just to let you know Susan did really well at the North Island age competition in Gisborne. She achieved a bronze and silver medal against 21 athletes in her age group. She is gaining her confidence back and I can see her taking that deep breath in each time she gets on the trampoline. Its wonderful, thank you.


Our elder daughter had such a fear of dogs, Rachel would cry and shake whenever the puppy was free. Therefore our new puppy needed to be kept on the leash continually when inside the house. We knew this could not go on. We have seen a marvelous improvement in recent weeks after two sessions of hypnosis. As you can see from the attached photo Rachel is now cuddling the dog, the puppy is free inside the house, and what a change to our home.


Our elder daughter had such a fear of dogs, Rachel would cry and shake whenever the puppy was free. Therefore our new puppy needed to be kept on the leash continually when inside the house. We knew this could not go on. We have seen a marvelous improvement in recent weeks after two sessions of hypnosis. As you can see from the attached photo Rachel is now cuddling the dog, the puppy is free inside the house, and what a change to our home.



I have been meaning to email to thank you for the positive impact your sessions had for me.  I have continued to think about what we covered in the sessions and use the skills you gave me to manage my stress on a daily basis.  I  think the best way to describe how I feel is empowered.  I have realised that my first loyalty is to myself and I have made the decision to look for another job.  Making that decision felt like a relief.   Yesterday I found a job to apply for and feel quite excited by the prospect.  It may or may not happen but it feels positive to be making a conscious decision to go ahead and apply

So once again thank you so much.


The dancing on Tuesday night was brilliant, I was confident and absorbed everything without fuss.


The experience yesterday was like having a weight lifted off my shoulders. As I left your house I just felt so happpy and couldn’t stop smiling. Almost like being a kid again without a worry in the world. I’m looking forward to my next session and now feel that things can finally be resolved and put to rest. In the short time I spent with you I have experienced what it must be like for a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

3 months later. I’m still feeling good, my relationship is going well and the problems just aren’t what they seemed before I saw you, thanks for helping me back to reality. By the way I’m going to complete my trade cert, I feel so much more motivated and happy in my own abilities. Thanks again.

1 year later. Just thought I would give you an update on how things have been since I saw you. I can really say my life’s been great, I have a real inner peace that was restricted by the events in my past. I can still relax, and know that my doormat needs a shake out every now and then. Thanks for assisting me in my recovery from depression. I know life’s not always what you perceive it to be, yet if you feel happy in yourself it makes it a whole lot more exciting. Always Grateful.


You will be happy to know that I can already feel and see the benefits of last night’s session. Work has been a breeze today and rejection hasn’t caused me to feel anything which is awesome!!


Just to let you know that today I accepted a job from a law firm in town. I had the interview on Friday, and did the ‘relax’ technique and it did wonders for me. Anyway, it was lovely to meet you and thanks for all your help.


Thank you for helping me with my anxiety. Will talk to you next when I am ready to stop smoking.


So far things are going really well. I have been eating what I like but seem to have cut out the sweet treats and have been eating really healthy food! My god – I’ve even got chicken , coleslaw and tomatoes for lunch – what’s happening to me??? (just kidding, it’s great!). And I have been walking everyday so far (I had my husband walking along the beach on a wet and cold Friday night!).


Since I saw you last I have definitely changed for the better. I am now a lot more tolerant and things don’t get me down for too long. No more fights that go on with hurt feelings for days. Now I am usually right soon after. I feel so much better about myself.

About Diane

Diane White is an Internationally respected lecturer and practitioner of subconscious mind and parapsychology techniques.  Diane will work with you as a Life Coach via email or in person. She also presents corporate evenings and training workshops.