Diane has experience in the following areas to take you beyond your past into a brighter future.

You can fly free of past fears and learn to work with your inner resources individually , in a group or a business situation.

  1. Increase relaxation, eliminate tension and stress.
  2. Learn weight control and positive eating patterns.
  3. Natural childbirth techniques
  4. Improve memory.
  5. Increase self-confidence.
  6. Increase and focus concentration.
  7. Increase motivation.
  8. Improve interpersonal relationships.
  9. Eliminate habits, phobias, other negative self-defeating tendencies.
  10. Control Pain
  11. Overcome obsessive-compulsive behaviour.
  12. Overcome grief and bereavement.
  13. Eliminate anxiety and depression.
  14. Increase organisation and efficiency.
  15. Improve decisiveness.
  16. Improve the overall quality of life.
  17. Increase your ability to earn and hold on to your money.
  18. Facilitate a better career path.
  19. Release past trauma.
  20. Establish and maintain harmony of body,mind and spirit.
  21. Strengthen the immune system.
  22. Slow the ageing process.

About Diane

Diane White is an Internationally respected lecturer and practitioner of subconscious mind and parapsychology techniques.  Diane will work with you as a Life Coach via email or in person. She also presents corporate evenings and training workshops.