Diane White - Lifestyle Architect and Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Diane White is an Internationally respected lecturer and practitioner of Subconscious Mind and Parapsychology techniques. Diane is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip Clin Hyp.

Diane is a Virtual Gastric Band practitioner who trained with Sheila Granger from UK , a pioneer in the field . This therapy has had huge success in clinical trials with up to 95% success.

Diane’s early experience helping build the family restaurant and hotel business in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji Islands helped her tap an innate business sense, intuition,and charisma.

Diane later utilized this in management of an International Health Centre and heading up a national merchandising venture, both in Australia.

Since 1976 Diane has been an Accredited Life Coach with Americana Leadership College and presented lectures, workshops and given individual consultations with people from all walks of life in United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Monaco and France.
Diane works with training for corporations, individuals and community based groups.

Diane has appeared on countless T.V., radio program and in newspapers in most English speaking countries.These include Good Morning America,This Morning in Los Angeles, The Arch Campbell Show, Washington DC, BBC London, People are Talking USA,The Living Show Brisbane, RRR Melbourne, The Australian, 530 Live TVNZ, Owl and Pussycats, CTV .

Diane believes everyone has their own answers within. She enjoys helping each individual release past programming that no longer works and start living the life of their dreams.

Diane is currently based in Christchurch NZ. Her experience since September 2010 of living through and helping others to cope with the 15,000 earthquakes and their aftermath has given an expanded wealth of experience of dealing with stress and times of transition.

You can work with Diane from anywhere in the world as a Lifestyle Architect or Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist or Virtual gastric Band Practitioner via email, Skype or in person.



About Diane

Diane White is an Internationally respected lecturer and practitioner of subconscious mind and parapsychology techniques.  Diane will work with you as a Life Coach via email or in person. She also presents corporate evenings and training workshops.